Sustainability drives our product development strategy

Significant benefits

REODRIN™ bio-attributed epichlorohydrin generates significant additional sustainability benefits over conventional epichlorohydrin:

• 100% renewable feedstock not competing with the food chain.
• 100% replacement of fossil with non-fossil.
Greenhouse gas savings of up to 70% compared to fossil-based epichlorohydrin.

• Fully certified by ISCC PLUS.

Deliver on your commitments for a circular economy

REODRIN™ has been developed by INEOS Inovyn in direct response to the ever-increasing focus on sustainability:

✓ Will demonstrate your commitment to the Circular Economy.
✓ A positive step using second-generation feedstock to move away from energy crops and palm materials.
✓ Significant reduction in water, land and eco-impact deliver benefits to your business and the planet.

Be a sustainability leader in your industry

✓ Using REODRIN™ can give your brand real standout appeal.

✓ Allows you to promote the strong sustainability credentials of your product to environmentally conscious consumers.

✓ Helps differentiate your product from the competition.

✓ A credible solution that is fully backed by a trusted, world-class certification standard.

REODRIN™ represents an unrivalled combination of quality, performance and sustainability.

Available only from INEOS Inovyn.