Epichlorohydrin, an essential material for a changing world

What is epichlorohydrin?

Epichlorohydrin is a raw material, critical to a variety of essential applications at the forefront of our lives, from composites for wind turbines to wastewater treatment and lightweight coatings for electric vehicles.

What is REODRIN™?

REODRIN™ is our sustainable grade of epichlorohydrin. It is produced using certified renewable materials based on a mass-balance approach.

REODRIN™ is produced using non-fossil, circular feedstock with a greenhouse gas saving of almost 70% compared to fossil-based epichlorohydrin.

How do we produce REODRIN™?

Using end-to-end certified materials and production systems, we replace standard conventional fossil fuels with sustainable, renewable alternatives.

We use the same manufacturing plants to produce REODRIN™ as our conventional epichlorohydrin. The key difference is that we use second generation, renewable feedstocks that use 99% less land and water than conventional feedstocks.

We benefit not only from efficient production processes but also the strong low-carbon energy mix of our
site at Tavaux, France, meaning our already low-carbon processes and the use of low-carbon feedstock deliver the sustainable products you need.

The production of REODRIN™ is audited using the mass-balance approach, whereby we constantly ensure there is a clear audit chain that directly links the volume of product back through to the volume of bio-feedstock used.

A 'drop-in' product that can boost your sustainability profile

REODRIN™ delivers the same quality and performance as conventional epichlorohydrin without any need to change existing production processes. This generates a real competitive advantage for you and your customers as well as the planet.

REODRIN™ represents an unrivalled combination of quality, performance and sustainability.

Available only from INEOS Inovyn.