22 June 2023

New Essential ski line by Rossignol benefits from REODRIN™‘s low carbon footprint through ARALDITE® Mass Balance Certified epoxy resin

Imagine hurtling down ski trails with a pair of skis that delivers excellent performance, high recyclability and a low carbon footprint. This dream, so crucial in the context we live in, has recently become reality in Rossignol’s ski production facilities. The French brand’s new “Essential” product line, which is made of wood, metal, and a special epoxy resin enabled by INEOS Inovyn innovation.

10 November 2022

REODRIN™ from INEOS Inovyn, gets ISCC PLUS certification, opening the door to wider market availability

REODRIN’s reputation as a game-changer on the epichlorohydrin market has just been taken to the next level with a new ISCC PLUS certification. This new certification is expected to enable a smooth and far-reaching deployment of the mass-balance concept along the value chain. With the new certificate, INEOS Inovyn also becomes the first ISCC PLUS-certified epichlorohydrin producer.

8 December 2021

INOVYN launches world's first commercially available grade of bio-attributed epichlorohydrin

INOVYN has today launched its latest product featuring enhanced sustainability credentials under the brand name REODRINTM, becoming the world’s first commercial producer of bio-attributed epichlorohydrin from renewable feedstock.